Just like the stars in the sky or the myriad array of different kinds of flowers, both the Universe and the Earth generate variety. On Earth there is variety in cultures; in peoples; in languages and in medicines, etc.

The ancient sages developed medicines from a need. The Doctors, Practitioners, Nurses and Therapist emerged and were the ones at the forefront of health and illness. They were the ones who interacted directly with the client: they developed medicines from the worlds and environments around them.

Medicine is an Art and a Science that evolved and developed naturally along side human culture and civilizations all over the world. Primitive Humans were faced with many challenges to get their basic needs met. Health and healing is a basic need. This need of humans continues over time because we are a living being.

Long ago, the people in Asia did experiment with surgery, there are artifacts of human bones with perfectly cut circles. But these people decided the body is sacred and to not cut into the flesh. From a natural desire to reach deeper into the body than the touch of a hand; they used wood, and stone, and eventually metal.

Originally the metal tools were rough but over time and improved technology needles have been refined. Today there are painless needles molded by laser. These painless laser smooth needles are the ones used in the Acu-Pain-Relief Clinic and in the Private Client Clinic.

The World Health Organization calls these pre-World War II and the Industrial Revolution, medicines that evolved naturally from primitive and indigenous cultures until now – “Traditional Medicine”. * (See Note Below). Acupuncture is considered a Traditional Medicine. The World Health Organization defines Acupuncture as the insertion of fine needles into specific locations on the body.

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine is an evolutionary body of knowledge compiled over the history of 2,000 years.

The theories and research into the selection of points and treatment of conditions has produced volumes of empirical clinical knowledge, techniques and understandings. There is wisdom and clinical pearls. This treasure drives the selection of points, the technique, the assessment; its the Way of Acupuncture.

These traditions have over the years been handed down within families and educational institutions from one generation to another. The structure and well developed theory of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine correctly applied to the individuals’ condition provides effective healing results.

Note * The World Health Organization used to have a simple bulletin explaining their definition of Traditional Medicine. But that is not visible on the Internet any longer. Therefore this link opens to an article by Science Direct that explains Traditional Medicine very clearly. In the last few years the WHO has created a WHO Foundation of Traditional Medicine at the request of China and other countries.

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